UV and Bacteria in Orangeville

Ultra Violet Sterilizers

At first glance a glass of water can appear clean and refreshing. However, looks can be deceiving and only proper testing will show the presence of any harmful bacteria or viruses.

The use of ultraviolet light to sterilize bacteria and viruses is an effective, chemical free way to ensure safe water for you and your family. When considering the installation of an ultraviolet system it is always important to consult an experienced water treatment company to size the system to the appropriate flow rates to effectively sterilize the bacteria. An improperly sized system can allow untreated water past the sterilizer into the drinking water in your home.

At Watermaker are a dealer for many of the most respected brands of ultraviolet sterilizers, utilizing names like Sterilight, Trojan and UV Pure. If you are thinking about an ultraviolet sterilizer, we have the experience and expertise to look after your needs.

UV Sterilizer in Orangeville