Sterilization Equipment Care

Your Ultra Violet Sterilization System is an important step to ensuring the safety of you and your family. This system will only operate properly with a Dedicated Maintenance Program. Many people purchase these systems with the best of intentions, not realizing that the lack of maintenance has rendered their system useless.

How long will my Ultra Violet bulb last?

You should change the U.V. Bulb every year. The bulb is designed to operate at an intensity level that will effectively sterilize bacteria for up to a year.

Why change the U.V. Bulb if it is still lit?

The bulb may remain lit however after one year the reduced light intensity level will let un-sterilized bacteria through. Eventually the light will have no effect and your sterilization system will be totally ineffective.

My Breaker that supplied power to my U.V. System was off do to a power outage. What should I do?
If you were using the water with no power to the U.V. System, You should have all the water lines in your home re-sterilized with chlorine. Otherwise You risk having living un-sterilized bacteria after your U.V. system when you put the power back on.

How often should I change the quartz sleeve in my U.V. System?

As a rule you should have your sleeve changed every 3 years. A thin microfilm can build up on the sleeve causing low light transmittance, which allows bacteria to pass by un-sterilized. To keep your system working properly book your Yearly Maintenance.