Softener Care

A Water Softener is typically a low maintenance unit and a basic service call is recommended every 2 to 4 years. The basic service ensures your softener is working efficiently to consistently provide soft water plus save money on softener salt and water. This service also identifies potential problems that can cause future problems.

How do I know I need a service call?

If you:

  • Notice water continually running to the drain from the softener
  • See a large volume of water in the salt tank (over half full)
  • Notice the salt level in the salt tank is not going down
  • The drain line does not look secure
  • Notice water on the floor around the resin tank or salt tank

What should I do if I have water running from the softener or salt tank?
You should make yourself familiar with the operation of the bypass on your softener. There are a variety of bypasses on softeners based on the brand name model and year. Once you know how to operate the bypass, make sure you put it on and off a few times a year to keep it operational. Show other family members how it works so the softener can be bypassed if needed while you wait for a service technician to arrive for repairs.

A properly maintained softener will provide years of trouble free service.