Watermaker supplies a variety of parts and accessories, including filters, bulbs, sleeves and other equipment specific parts, some of which are shown in more detail below. Please call us or visit our retail store for more information and assistance. We’ll take care of you.


Bio Max Cooler Cleaning Kits

The Biomax Cleaning Kit is designed specifically to optimize and simplify the cleaning of your water cooler.


  • Cleans, Disinfects and de scales
  • Eliminated germs and bacteria
  • Takes care of all components of your cooler: taps, reservoir piping etc.
  • Cuts cleaning time to just 10 minutes
  • Does not affect water taste
  • Is guaranteed
  • This kit is good for 12 cleanings

Ceramic Crock Pots and Stands

  • Available in a variety of designs the lead free ceramic crocks hold 2 gallons of room temperature water dispensed through a plastic tap.
  • Floor Stands available in pine, oak and painted finishes (27”high by 19”in diameter)
  • Crocks and stands can be purchased separately
  • Dispenses 18 L and 11 L water bottles

Cone Style Paper Cups

  • 4 oz Paper cone cups provide everyone around the water cooler with a fresh clean cup at their fingertips
  • Available in sealed plastic bags of 200 with 5 bags in a cardboard sleeve of 1000 or in a case of 5000 with 5 sleeves in a case.
  • The cone cup style ensures the cups go into recycling and not back on the counter for re-use, eliminating the spread of germs.

Cup Dispensers

  • Easily dispenses 4 oz cone cups or flat bottom cups
  • Available in White or Clear with a Black Base
  • Fits most coolers
  • Refills in seconds

Easy to use Hand Pump

  • Ideal for use at the campground or at the cottage
  • Quickly fills a glass or kettle without any mess
  • Fits 18 L and 11 L bottles with pull-off plastic caps
  • Assembles in seconds for transportation

Fridge Pack Storage System

  • The perfect solution  for anyone without space for a cooler
  • Sits conveniently in  your fridge with the tap ready for you to fill your glass
  • The large fill cap  makes it easy to fill from an 18 L or 11 L bottles.
  • Choose from 8 L or 11 L styles.

Plunger & Lever Assemblies – Child Proof

  • Available in red, blue or white levers
  • Easily operated with two fingers
  • Includes plunger and lever assembly to fit most, cooler faucet assemblies

Replacement Plunger and Lever Assembly

  • Available in red, blue or white levers
  • This handy tap assembly screws into most, cooler faucet assemblies
  • Levers are available separately