Filtration System Care

Filtration systems should receive a basic service call every 2 to 4 years based on the water usage and severity of the water problem being corrected.

Iron Filtration systems usually show problems with red staining in bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs, when they need service.

Did you know your Iron Filter has a sacrificial bed?

This means the media inside your iron filter will eventually become clogged. At this point it will no longer remove the iron from your water and new media will have to be put in to replace the old media.

How long will my Iron Filter Media last?

The life of the media is dependant upon the volume of water used and the level of iron in the water. An iron filter with 2 to 5 parts per million of iron will usually last 4 to 7 years.

A properly maintained filtration system will protect your water softener and other appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. This extends the life of your appliances, dishes and clothes.