Do you dislike the taste or odour of your water?
Do you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle by drinking pure water?

Then bottled water from Watermaker is just what you need!

We’ve been providing reverse osmosis, spring  and distilled bottled water throughout the greater Toronto area for over 20 years. All Watermaker bottled water is processed at our new plant in Orangeville, Ontario. You can also fill your own containers on self serve taps, dispensing reverse osmosis water, at the retail location in Orangeville.

We bottle reverse osmosis, spring and distilled water in a variety of sizes for your convenience. The most popular sizes of bottles that we sell are 18 L and 11 L bottles. These bottles can be used with water coolers, porcelain dispensers, and hand pumps. We also sell 10 L bottles (boxes of 3), 4 L bottles (boxes of 6), 1.5 L bottles (boxes of 15) and 500 mL bottles (boxes of 24).

Water coolers, to dispense our bottled water, are also available through our water cooler rental program, rent to own program or for purchase. At Watermaker we also provide BPA Free and Glass bottles.

We specialize in excellent service providing quality bottled water products at reasonable prices. Give us a try you won’t be disappointed!